Creative Business Cup

The purpose of Creative Business Cup is to strengthen the business skills of creative entrepreneurs. The aim is to increase all participating startups’ ability to successfully create a company based on their creative abilities.  Creative Business Cup is looking for new and revolutionary business ideas stemming from the creative industries. The business idea must have a strong market potential and at least one person from each team must have an education or background from the creative industries.

The goals of Creative Business Cup are to:

  • Strengthen the business skills of entrepreneurs within the creative industries
  • Promote entrepreneurship within the creative industries
  • Promote winners and role models

How does Creative Business Cup work?

Each year National Partners around the world host national Creative Business Cup competitions. As a startup, the National Partner in your country is your entry point to competing as a finalist at Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen. To find out who is National Partner in your country click here.
National winners from around the world compete against each other at Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark, each November during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Startups from all countries also have the opportunity to come to Copenhagen for the international finals, but will not be qualified to compete for the title as the world’s best creative entrepreneur.

The international jury chooses the winners based on these criteria:

  • Creativity: Creative competencies are crucial for the success of the business concept
  • Market potential: The business concept has a large market potential

Ultimately, the Creative Business Cup is about change and empowerment, supporting entrepreneurs around the world – and we want you to be a part of it!

Why Entrepreneurs from the Creative Industries? Why Creative Business Cup?

Worldwide, the creative industries contribute significantly to growth and jobs – and to the development of new, innovative solutions to the challenges that companies and societies face. Also, traditional industries become more innovative and competitive when collaborating with creative companies or “creatives”, called cross sector innovation. The creative industries contribute to a more dynamic, competitive and innovative society in many ways.

The road from being an entrepreneur in the creative industries to become a growing company is more challenging than for entrepreneurs in other sectors. All entrepreneurs face challenges in business development, internationalization and access to finance, but for entrepreneurs from the creative industries, the obstacles for growth are greater. For example, creative entrepreneurs are often perceived as a more risky investment opportunity, which is not the case looking at studies on insolvencies, where creative companies do better, also in times of crisis. In other words, the possibilities for growth, jobs and innovation are not realized.

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